Congratulations on the 28th anniversary of his debut

Wow, his debut day!
But what to note in secret to congratulate him on my blog?
Well, how can I say my feelings…?
でも、 こっそり何を記そうか?


I am thinking of him in secret on this important day and wishing him good luck as he takes on plenty of concerts this year!
His spirit, drive, and hard work made his life what it is today, I think.



How the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in 2020.
Concert postponing/cancellation started in early March of 2020. Then everyone was beginning to come to terms with the realities of the “QuarantineLife”.
What nobody can agree on, at this point, is just how long this new “normal” will last.


Last year I was not able to see him even once. I bought a ticket for the “WHITE BALLADE” show but didn’t go. It was really painful.



I think the pandemic becomes probably the biggest hurdle in his life as a musician.
But I think this difficult situation gave him an opportunity to make sure our strong tie. In the face of QuarantineLife, he wrote a song to encourage us and sang it in the studio. I was so impressed by his never-give-up attitude.


In the confined space, I was very encouraged by his cheerful voice that I could hear every Friday evening. I couldn’t see him anymore, but I felt “connected” to him there.

No matter how big a cloud may be, the effort of people like him never goes unrewarded. There’s no one who has worked as hard as he has in the last years.
Surely all his hard works will be paid off. I witnessed how he struggled and stood firm, and I’m so honored of coming back to his fan again.


Late-night study IELTS along with his songs. What’s better than that.
These songs are truly special and mark moments in time for me and all of us who are in 2021.
They bring me back the memories. Really thank him. I’m emotionally affected by his songs.
High school entrance exams, college entrance exams, employment exams…His music was always playing behind me as I studied at my desk.
My daughter is now three years old, and I’m thinking of taking the IELTS exam for the first time in a while, since I’ve been able to have a little more time for myself lately. Even now that I am older, his songs are still the best accompaniment to studying for exams.



Practically I grew up with his songs and it has automatically become a playlist since my middle-school days.
With these songs I forget about bad times, I only travel in my imagination (delusion?).
When I listen to his songs I feel happy, it’s going backward at my young age. Listening to his songs when I am a little sad makes me simply smile while remembering my youth, reminds me of my teens back in the ’90s.


Energize good music to bring out the best in me. How I enjoy it. These are my all-time tunes anytime anywhere.
Every lyric straight to my heart, soothing and relaxing.

He said, “I’m going to pay back next year!” ?! Oh, how dependable.
A debut anniversary is always a milestone to celebrate the achievements and the opportunity to set new goals. His dedication, enthusiasm, and insight are really inspiring. I wish him many years of great achievements! I hope him to keep up all the good work and never stop inspiring!

Aim for the stars! I am looking forward to meeting him this spring.



Please accept my congratulations. Wish him to take good care of himself.