VHH…virtual happy hour

We thought it was all temporary. We thought COVID-19 would go away before long.

It has been a hundred days since we have had a virtual happy hour.
I used to enjoy a brew with my friends. We would go to a bar then stay until 8:00 PM.


I wanna hang with somebody.

I’m sitting in my house way too much obsessively reading the WebMD. I am stressing as I have never stressed before.

So here’s the thing I am super careful. I wash my hands non-stop. I check my temperature each day every time I am afraid.

I was a neat freak even before the pandemic that we currently live in. Now I am on a new level!

The restaurants are open and my husband wants to dine, but I’m gonna stay inside just want a brew.
I cannot ignore all of my children’s whining, but I won’t go out.
It’s my call.


2020 is cursed.
2020 is the worst.


Seriously we could be doing this until 2022.
I feel like I could go bonkers.