When the quarantine’s done

when the quarantine’s done…


With all this quarantine, I wonder if we are ever gonna have another day of fun in our whole life.


I had a text string with my closest friends about what we are gonna do when all of this ends.


I miss my favorite musician.
I think I am going to a live house cuz all I want to do is have some fun there.


Wear my hair in something!
Cuz when the quarantine’s done I am definitely gonna go hard.
Probably get a good beer then go to that place that serves an exciting atmosphere.
Then look at my watch and it’s been four hours…I don’t need to prepare dinner for my kids!


I gotta feeling that I am not the only one.


But I gotta feeling it’ll be 2022.


I am, even as an introvert,
I am an extreme introvert, I would like to see other people I love.


When we can go to places and hug people…it’ll be 2022.
All I wanna do is have a little fun.