The Difference Between Accent and Pronunciation

Before I explore the features of American accents, it would be important to understand that accent and pronunciation are not the same.
The accent is where the rules of the language are governed by our location or class. Accent refers to differences in stress on letters in a word.
Pronunciation is more about speaking the language. It’s the way we articulate words for better understanding.
This book is really useful. Before giving birth, I would study American accents with this textbook.
Learning about error patterns, how to correct them, and what things I need to correct help me to be more confident speaking English.  I think I can learn a lot and what I learn to help me to understand and improve my speech.

The Canadian Accent?

You know that Canadians have an accent that differs from the U.S.
The  Canadian accent is very similar to General American. While Canadians usually use rhotic speech, they have some different characteristics.
I heard the Canadian accent commonly uses the caught-cot merger, meaning that words such as caught, with the “au”  sound, and cot, with the short “o” sound, are pronounced the same.