“Tokyo’s CDC” would be tasked with convening experts

Yuriko Koike has promised to press ahead with next year’s Tokyo Olympics in an exclusive interview.
MS Koike has spoken about COVID-19, The Olympic Games, as well as rumors that she wants to become Japan’s first woman Prime Minister.


‘Tokyo’s thinking, which is also the national government’s position is the three Cs.
In the old days, those who wore masks were the Japanese or the bank robbers. Now many people around the world wear masks.’


‘Tokyo Olympics were postponed to next year but the number of COVID-19 cases around the world is still rising.
Even though Tokyo’s number might go down or you’ll be able to deal with the situation, it will be very difficult to host the Olympic Games. So do you have plan B?’


‘Having a clear aim to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games itself helps us consider various measures to protect the health and lives of the people and to promote sports in Tokyo.
We want to do all we can. We need to be creative with how to hold the Games.
We are discussing with the IOC, IPC.
And on Japan’s side the organizing committee, the central government, and Tokyo will coordinate and do the utmost to be able to host the Games.’