Looking forward to seeing my son’s sports day.

I’ve bought this recently.

water bottle with straw

My sun’s athletic meet is next weekend and I am really looking forward to seeing it.

Since his old water bottle is small I bought him a new bottle that contains 600ml water.
I ordered the blue, thinking my son was pleased with the illustration.

My only complaint is that it leaks a little while closing the lid.

A month ago I was on Amazon and other sites reading mixed reviews about the water bottle. Some people say the system is awesome and others had the bottle leaks a little while closing.
I didn’t know who to believe, but got it for my sun.

Initially I thought it was user error that caused the bottle to be closed incorrectly.
But…Oh, no.. it leaks..

Now that I close it very carefully, it seems to be working well.
It is a little harder to take care of the rubber packing inside the lid, but it’s so clean it’s worth the effort.