3本骨折から数週間 My husband broke three ribs.

Under a declared state of emergency, my husband had an accident and hit his chest.

When I got the call, I went to the scene of the accident, crying because I thought I was going to lose my husband.

When I arrived, he was conscious, but his arms and legs seemed to be cramping.
I left the children with my mother-in-law, put my husband in the side seat, and went to the emergency room.

The surgeon said, “I’m going to do a CT scan to make sure there’s no organ damage.
The X-rays revealed three fractures and the CT scan showed no organ damage, which was a great relief to me.

The surgeon added, “It is possible that there is damage that is not visible on the CT. If there are complications, you may experience unusual abdominal pain, so please come back to the emergency room.”


“If you have a fever of more than 37.5℃, we will not be able to see you. You cannot be seen in any emergency room. The slightest injury can kill you, this time of year.”
I felt a shiver run down my spine.


Of course, we can’t admit him to hospital, so now our house is like a hospital. With help, my husband can take a shower, which is a blessing in disguise.
He is allergic to pollen, which causes him to expectorate, and even a mild cough echoes in the bones, so he can’t sleep for days on end.


I can’t let my husband get infected now. He began to live in isolation from the children.



I can’t take off my mask when I cook my husband’s meals or deliver his meals upstairs.



I have kept my children absent from kindergarten.

I am afraid that they will get something and my husband will have a cough. Even if it’s just a cold.



The children and I rarely go out so that if something happens to my husband I can see him immediately. If we do, we only stay at the nearby park for about 20 minutes.
I feel literally ” confined”.


My sister-in-law had come to our house once. She took care of the children,  I told her to at least wear a double mask. I was also grateful that I was able to go to the supermarket by myself during the day.


She gave me two hours to take a nap.



I’ll never ask my sister-in-law to do this again, as she is not young anymore (born in 1966).

Now I regret having left my children with my mother-in-law that day. I hope that the children will not be asymptomatic.


An ordinary day can change in an instant. I thank Gods again that we are alive.