Americans look like they are having a hard time whether to wear THAT or not.

I understand it’s a lot of work for you guys, but please help us with each other the best you can!

Then YouTuber Family The Holdernesses recently came out with a parody medley on this long-lasting issue.
That poked fun at the US Face Mask Debate.

But even people who have never seen or heard Hamilton before will appreciate the cultural commentary on mask-wearing—an issue that has the U.S. struggling as it attempts to manage a pandemic in a highly individualistic society.

You guys are being driven into a tough situation, aren’t you…
I know your manners and customs are different from our country.

But the Holdernesses do a pretty darn good job of morphing the mask debates into the Hamilton framework in a way that’s funny, true to the subject matter, and on point.

If we’re going to have to live with people arguing over putting a piece of cloth over their face to help quell a literal pandemic, we can at least have some laughs over the absurdity of it. Good job, Holdernesses.